“A good photograph is seen with the eyes but a great photograph is felt in the soul.”




Jon has been immersed in the art world for more than 2 decades. After graduating from Eastern Illinois University with a liberal arts degree in 1987, Jon went on to work in for Ralph Lauren in NYC. A colleague from Polo had left the fashion industry for a life in the gallery business and urged Jon to follow. Linton would start an art magazine in Arizona in 1998 of which he published for a decade. That publishing concern has also been responsible for creating exquisite books of art for many accomplished artists through the southwest and beyond. 


Jon’s first experience with a camera came around the age of 13 or 14. Jon fondly recounts, “I used to borrow mymother’s 35 mm Minolta and take photographs around the neighborhood. I’d snap pictures until the film ran out.”


The displaced Chicagoan has called Phoenix home for almost 3 decades. In recent years his days are spent making pictures, helping the less fortunate and publishing art. Linton shares, “I am a man of deep passions and have a variety of interests. I never feel like anything that I do is necessarily work. For this, I’m truly blessed”, and then with a smile suggests, “We should all be so fortunate.”


In 2012, Jon would unveil a powerful body of street photography that captured the public’s attention, an exhibit called ‘I Have a Name’ followed.  A book showcasing the work was published and the heartrending exhibition traveled through the west for several years. This exhibition will have a final showing with the Arizona Historical Society in February of 2019.


Mr. Linton only hopes that the work he creates finds resonance with its viewer and reflects, “A good photograph is seen with the eyes but a great photograph is felt in the soul.” 



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