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Jon Linton





Jon Linton's first experience with a camera came around the age of 12 or 13. Jon fondly recounts, “I used to borrow my mother’s 35 mm Minolta and take photographs around the neighborhood. I’d snap pictures until the film ran out.”
The displaced Chicagoan has called the desert home for almost 3 decades. In recent years his days are spent making pictures, or publishing art. Linton shares, “I am a man of deep passions and have a variety of interests. I never feel like anything that I do is necessarily work. For this, I’m truly blessed.”
In 2012, Jon would unveil a powerful body of street photography that captured the public’s attention, an exhibit called ‘I Have a Name’ followed.  A book showcasing the work was published and the heartrending exhibition traveled through the west for several years. “I had always enjoyed landscape photography but it was only after the street portraits that I truly understood how deeply meaningful work in nature would become. Refuge from the painful images of the street has helped deliver photography that moves the heart in different measure. “The desert has a quiet sense of calm. The pale blue sky, indigo mountains and majestic sunsets have a way of stealing your heart”, says Jon. 
Photographs are available in a variety of sizes and printing options. We ship all over the United States, safely and insured. Prices are not listed on the website due to the different types of paper, sizes, and framing choices. For more information please email us at or phone 480-329-3660.
Thank you. 
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